St John Ambulance North West

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St Johns Ambulance North West

St John Ambulance North West
You can now support us by simply recycling your empty printer ink cartridges here

Nothing is more tragic than a life lost needlessly. Yet every year, people continue to die in situations where first aid could have given them the chance to live – the same number as die from cancer. That’s why every year St John Ambulance directly delivers first aid care at public events and in communities, as well as teaching life saving skills to young people and a quarter of a million people in workplaces around the country. As the nation’s leading first aid charity, everything St John Ambulance does works towards a single goal – ensuring that wherever and whenever a first aid emergency occurs, someone is equipped with the skills to be the difference; The difference between a life lost, and a life saved.

For more information please contact: St John Ambulance North West, St John House, Crossley Road, Stockport SK4 5BF or click here.

How to recycle your empties in 3 easy steps:

Stick the label to any envelope (max weight for free postage is 4kg)
Put in a post box and we take care of the rest
Do you want empties picking up?
We can arrange for boxed items to be picked up from you free of charge, click here for more details and to complete the form.
For a full list of which cartridges can be recycled, please click here.