School: Great Waldingfield School

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Great Waldingfield CEVC School.

[note color=”#48b548″]You can now support our school by simply recycling your empty printer ink cartridges here.[/note]

Our small school has a Christian ethos that permeates all aspects of our life. We seek to build love and respect to each other and God.` As an Eco-School,we believe in looking after the world and its resources. We encourage the children to grow in self- confidence, while retaining awareness of diversity and the needs of others. We want everyone in our school to feel valued. We seek to achieve high standards of behaviour and achievement. Each child is God’s unique creation and deserves the best care and teaching we can give them.

Thank you for choosing to support Great Waldingfield School in this way.

  • Click here to print off your free postage label
  • Stick the label to any envelope (max weight for free postage is 4kg)
  • Put in a post box and we take care of the rest
  • For a full list of which cartridges can be recycled, please click here
[box title=”Great Waldingfield School Site” color=”#48b548″]Please visit to learn more, click here[/box] [box title=”Not all cartridges can be recycled!” color=”#48b548″]Click here to see what can be[/box]