Here are some tips that may help get the news out there and gain income for you:


  • Use our Resources Page and download the letter to inform your charity supporters, local shops and local businesses about your new service. This can also be emailed out.
  • You can also download Word and PDF flyers in both A5 or A4 formats.
  • If you are running any events and have a brochure, do not forget to put an article in there.

Social Media and Internet:


  • Put a link on your Facebook Page
  • Get your supporters to ‘Like’ and Share the link
  • Update once you receive your money, encouraging more people to share the link
  • Why not use our Environmental Facts to put on your Facebook or Twitter page every few weeks to keep the interest going, find this on our Resources Page.


  • Use the Sharing links on our website to get the message out there and get your friends to do the same.
  • You will also find sharing links from Blogger etc on your page, these help with Search Engine Optimisation and help more people see your page on Google and other search engines.

Your Website:

  • Put a link to the site on your web page and also add a article in any newsletters or news post that you may have access to.

Local Area:

  • Use our Resources Page to download the Flyers and target your local area
  • Speak to local companies and encourage them to recycle their cartridges, using your cause and the environment as a reason to do so.
  • Talk to the local newspapers and encourage them to run an article
  • Get local shops to put up posters from our Resources Page


  • Get your friends and charity supporters to promote the service with their companies, schools, Doctors surgery and their friends. Do not forget to get them to send their empties back too!

Charity Inks Resources:

  • We can supply you with free postage envelopes that you can hand out, a large dump bin which can be out in work places or supporting shops and also a smaller counter top bin. Please order these by clicking here.


Let’s face it, there are always some people out there that do not like charities or giving to charities.  Because of the environmental impact that cartridges have, we have produced some facts  so you can try another way with these people.  This sheet is available on our Resources Page. Why not use some of these facts on your Facebook or Twitter every few weeks to keep peoples interest.