Request Collection of empty ink cartridges or toners

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You can now request collection of your empty ink cartridges or toner cartridges for free by using our form below.

Simply complete your details below and we will arrange for a courier to collect.

  • Please place items in a box no more that 3ft high
  • Please make sure that there are no more than 20 toners in the box
  • Collections can only be made for 100+ ink cartridges OR 20+ Toner cartridges at a time.
  • Your box can be a mix of toners and ink-jets
  • The box is no more that 15-20kg
  • A maximum of 2 boxes can be collected for free via our courier
  • A list of the items being sent back must be placed in the box
  • Please make sure that the items for collection appear on the list of items that can be recycled (click here for list)

For news on boxes/bins for collecting your empties, please click here.

Please note that we can only collect items that appear on our list of recyclable products and you must list down the individual items that you require collecting.

Please note that collections can ONLY be made for the following:

100+ Ink-jet Cartridges or
20+ Toner Cartridges

If the quantity you have is below this, please feel free to use our free postage label which can be attached to a parcel and sent back free of charge.  Each parcel should be no more than 4kg.


Your Name

Your Company Name

Collection Address

Contact Phone number

Email address

Preferred Charity

Please confirm that the items appear on the list of products that can be recycled which can be found here:

How many boxes are there to collect? We can collect a maximum of 2 boxes.

Please list full details of the items including brand and item name and also the quantity that you require collecting. This MUST be completed before collection can be made: