January 2017

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Ink Cartridge Recycling Started Well


Our Charity Inks empty printer ink recycling scheme has started off remarkably well for 2017.

January saw one of our best months is recent years with over £230 being made for our charity partners.

Members of the public have been supporting our service well and helping to recycle ink cartridges for cash which goes towards charities in the UK.

With our free collection service and our free shipping service being taken full advantage of, we are pleased with efforts being made by visitors to our site.

2017 will see some changes being made to the website with a much better design, easier navigation and more news items and offers coming out from our newsletters.  The newsletters will hopefully be monthly and will feature new charity partners, updated list of empties that can be recycled and also new services as and when they are available.

We are also aware that there are some changes to some of the UK branches of Staples where many of the members of the public go to drop off their empties.  We want to make our service easier to use for these users and help them recycle ink cartridges for our charities.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us over the years and we look forward to the increases amount we recycle and the amount we raise for our charity partners.