How it all works

Your Charity Page:

  • A page is set up online so all your supporters have access to easy recycling
  • The page is added with a unique barcode so we know the money is for you
  • You can have whatever information on the page and links to your website
  • Page is optimised online for your local area so other members of the public can find your page


  • Anyone can download your unique postal barcode, attach this to an envelope and post off free of charge (max weight for free postage is 750g, please feel free to send several packages for items over 750g)
  • This is sent to a recycling factory and we are sent a summary every month of items that made the recycling process and ones that didn’t
  • For large quantities of cartridges or toners, collections are made free of charge on request


  • Please note that not all items can be recycled, there is a list on your page for anyone to view
  • All cartridges and toners have a different price depending on the demand that month
  • The most recent prices is available upon request
  • We send you a list of ALL items sent back and if they made the process or not and the price gained
  • We send you payment electronically

Ways to promote your page and encourage recycling:

  • Use the service yourself
  • Get your work to use the service
  • Tell friends, family and neighbours
  • Use your own social media like Twitter and Facebook,  get your friends to do the same
  • Put details on your charity website
  • Put details on your charity social media pages and remind everyone every month – make sure you put a link to your Charity Inks page
  • Target local businesses and encourage them to use the service