Printer ink cartridges can be used more than once and there are processes in place to allow these to be cleaned, refilled with ink and re-sold.

Any printer ink cartridges that are not suitable or damaged are then broken down with the plastics and metals being recycled and more importantly – not sent to over used landfill sites.

As a member of the public, you can easily select a charity, school or club to receive a small amount of money for each cartridge that can be re-used.

If you are an organisation, you can be paid for selected ink cartridges manufactured by Hewlett Packard, Canon and Dell, a full list of the cartridges is available here. Unfortunately, due to the technology, we cannot recycle the majority of ink tanks manufactured by Epson and Canon.

As our planet grows with population, so does the waste we produce, and so do the waste landfill sites. Our partners are committed to providing ethical recycling solutions for the public while giving charities, schools, clubs or individuals the opportunity to earn money in the process.

The process is simple:

For Charities, Schools or clubs that wish to register, click here.

To recycle your printer ink cartridge:

  • Choose an orgainstation using our search facility.
  • Print off the required label
  • Pop in an envelope which is free to post (max weight for free postage is 750g, please feel free to send several packages for items over 750g)
  • The rest is taken care of for you


GHGs (green house gases) emissions from manufacturing a single mono toner cartridge have been calculated to approximately 4.8 kg CO2; per cartridge. This is for the cartridge only and excludes the toner inside. The Life Cycle Assessment of toner reveals that the GHG emissions are approximately 16 metric tons per 1 metric ton toner produced. On average a cartridge with a yield of 5000 pages contains 200 grams toner. This equals 3.2 kg CO2 emission per cartridge.

Each year over 350 million cartridges are thrown out to landfills.

By 2012 500 million laser cartridges and 1.8 billion ink cartridges will be dumped in landfills.

Each cartridge becomes 3.5 pounds of solid waste sitting in a landfill and can take up to 450 to 1000 years to decompose.

Each cartridge thrown into landfill can take up to 1000 years to decompose

In just 12 months, cartridge recycling could save 15 million liters of oil in the UK.

Over 45 million cartridges go into UK landfill sites each year. That’s enough to cover Old Trafford football pitch 17 times or build a second Blackpool Tower! Cover the Humber Bridge 3 times! (2,220m x 28.5m), Build a replica of the Tyne Bridge! (396m x 17m) or stretch the length of Hadrian’s Wall! (73 miles) 15 times.