Facebook helps our charity partners

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Social Media is helping our charity partners


Over the last year, we have seen a big increase in funds generated by our Charity Inks Website for some of our newest charity partners.

However, the increase seems to be driven by the amount of shares or likes that the charity pages are getting on social media, mainly on Facebook.

From the statistics that we can see, the charities are having more driven traffic to their unique page via Facebook than any other source other than Google.

So what are these charities doing differently?

Firstly, they appear to be sharing their unique Charity Ink’s URL (web address) on their charity and private Facebook pages.  From there, they are encouraging their charity supporters, family and friends to share their link also.  We notice a big surge in recycled items coming back after a certain charity increases the amount of shares or likes on Facebook.

For the charities, gaining income is easy as once on a page, their supporters are downloading the free of charge postage label and sending their empty printer ink cartridges back directly to the recycling factory based in Boston, Lincs.

Recycle empty printer ink cartridges for charity | The Recycling Factory Boston

So, the moral is for our Charity Partner……share you page URL everywhere you can!

(Our statistics have come from the Social Analytics WordPress plugin)