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Whalley Range Community Forum

Whalley Range Community Forum

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The Whalley Range Community Forum is a representative voluntary organisation for the
residents of Whalley Range. It aims to:
• Promote a positive image of the area, contribute to the development of appropriate
government strategies, improve local facilities and services and increase communications with other organisations. Councillors, Council Officers, the Police etc. come together with other groups and residents within the ward under the umbrella of the Whalley Range Community Forum – and attend our bi-monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of every other month.
• Disseminate local and relevant citywide information and initiatives to residents through a
community website, Newsletter and regular bulletins.
• Identify priorities of local residents reflecting the diversity of the area, supporting
new and emerging groups to highlight concerns, access funding promote their aims and objectives, and develop sustainable activities.
• Hold funds in its bank account for new groups who are starting out or who apply for one-off funding for events and do not have their own banking facilities.
• Support new groups to form a constitution and to access relevant networks and funding streams to sustain their projects.
• Provide informal drop-in advice service for residents to access local information
• Provide a range of daytime activities to promote health and wellbeing – and to enable
residents to access training, employment and volunteering opportunities.

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