Charity: Musicians Benevolent Fund

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 Musicians Benevolent Fund.

[note color=”#48b548″]You can now support the charity by simply recycling your empty printer ink cartridges here.[/note]

The Musicians Benevolent Fund celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2011. We have been providing an expert, individually bespoke service to musicians since 1921. Our role in the modern age requires ongoing research and dialogue with musicians so that we can direct our support to them in the most relevant and dynamic way in a continually changing social and musical landscape.

Musicians don’t need to be members or subscribe to our work to qualify for our help. We welcome musicians who play, create, sing or teach all styles of music and we are working hard to dispel the myth that we only help older classical musicians. We help musicians of all ages and all genres.

We also offer support to professionals in related occupations such as piano tuners and recording technicians. We can help those living and working in the UK and Ireland and also British Nationals living abroad.

Over the next five years we need to raise an additional £10m so that we can guarantee help for professional musicians who hit a crisis in their careers, or are faced with the challenges of growing older. We will also help a new wave of talented, ambitious young musicians, ensuring they can progress into the profession with the best chance of success.

We need musicians and music lovers from all walks of life to support us by giving funds, resources and time so that we can continue to give musicians the help they need, when they need it, long into the future.

Please choose us for your choice of charity for any recycling of printer ink cartridges. Thank you.

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