Charity: FamilyLine

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[note color=”#48b548″]You can now support FamilyLine by simply recycling your empty printer ink cartridges here.[/note]

We help as many callers as possible by listening to their problems, providing valuable emotional support, exploring options with them and enabling them, where possible, to take further action themselves.

Our extensive database allows us to offer details of local and national organisations, plus many other kinds of support groups, who may provide help in other ways.

  • Click hereto print off your free postage label
  • Stick the label to any envelope (max weight for free postage is 4kg)
  • Put in a post box and we take care of the rest
  • For a full list of which cartridges can be recycled, please click here
[box title=”FamilyLine Website” color=”#48b548″]Please visit to learn more, click here[/box] [box title=”Not all cartridges can be recycled!” color=”#48b548″]Click here to see what can be[/box]